Small Amount Loan

Small short term loans ranging from $300-$2000 spread over a period of 9 weeks to 12 months. A fee is charged instead of interest. Please ask us for a more accurate understanding.


Medium Amount Loan

Medium size loans ranging from $2001-$4600 spread over a period of 9 weeks to 24 months. A processing fee and monthly interest rate are charged. Depending on the applicant, these loans sometimes require some sort of security. Please fill in the application form and we will work out a payment plan for you. All charges and fees will be explained and documented clearly before we proceed.


Appliance Loans

Flexi Plus Finance has the ability to assist approved clients with the purchase of household items such as a TV, fridge, washer, or a computer etc with an Appliance Loan subject to our lending criteria.

Have you seen that new appliance in the store or a catalogue that you want. Bring in the details and we may be able to lend you the funds you need for the purchase today. In many cases we can get it cheaper and / or organise to have it delivered for you too.

In most cases this will work out cheaper than renting an appliance, and you have the benefit of full ownership of the unit.


Business Loans

Flexi Plus Finance understands that businesses need cashflow to survive and thrive. If your business is running short of cash, perhaps we can help if you need:

• Cashflow while waiting for customer payments

• Cashflow to make supplier payments

• Cashflow to purchase equipment, materials, vehicles or pay wages

A business loan is a loan provided for business purposes to Companies or self-employed people with an ABN. We understand the cash flow needs of small business and we’re here to help.

We also understand that you want a lender who can provide a same day decision and provide cash quickly, as time is money.

Flexi Plus Finance provide competitive commercial business loans up to $50,000 for up to 2 years secured against motor vehicles with flexible terms to suit your needs, with no early payout or lump sum payment penalties.


Cheque Cashing

Flexi Plus Finance can cash most third party cheques while you wait, including, but not limited to:

• Government & tax cheques

• Pay or supplier cheques

• Compensation, settlement or inheritance cheques

• Superannuation cheques

• Refund cheques from insurance, medicare, utilities etc

Simply bring in your third party cheque, we check your identity and the validity of the cheque itself. Once completed satisfactorily you receive cash for it (less our fee) while you wait. Some larger cheques can be partially paid in cash with the balance paid by direct credit into your bank account.


Settlement Loans

Flexi Plus Finance can provide early access to settlements in the form of a loan against a pending settlement such as:

• Real Estate or other asset sale

• Insurance claims

• Inheritance windfalls

• Court awarded settlements

• Superannuation lump sum payments

If you are waiting on the proceeds of these type of settlements, and are the point where these funds have been awarded or contracted and are pending payment, then we may be able to assist you with a Settlement Loan providing early access to some of these funds in the form of a loan secured by an Irrevocable Authority against the payment.

The size of these loans is generally limited to between $2005 and $4600, however larger loans may be available on application if required subject to lending criteria.


Please be advised that our services should be used as a stop gap measure and are unsuitable for constant borrowing. Australian Credit Licence Number 427979